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About Dr. Girish Kondekar An Ayurveda expert and a doctor by profession Dr. Girish Kondekar completed his study in Ayurveda in 2003. Since the beginning, he wished to utilize his knowledge for the good of people. During his study, as he went deeper to gain more knowledge he got attracted the fields related to Ayurveda. What started as an interest with the study of mythology ended up in being an expert astrologer. Indian Jyotish Shastra has a long legacy of practice all over the world which he found exciting. As he went deeper, he was struck by the thought of exploring it to make some unique contribution to this shastra to help people achieve their goals. 

The fire that was struck in 2003 was quenched in 2012. The journey was enriching and he started practicing the learnings and he started achieving exciting results with his clients. Now he had a new tool of knowledge to help people achieve their goals which were his aim since the beginning. During his deep study and research, he developed a unique method of signature analysis. His predictions with this unique method have been 100% accurate. Surya Kundali reading with advanced numerology was found by the Dr. Kondekar. Advanced Vastu, Metaphysics, Gemology are the few other areas earned expertise by him. Dr. Kondekar is an expert Tarot Card Reader who has designed specialized Tarot Cards for Indian demographics. 

Kundalini Jagruti, Chakra cleansing, hypnosis services are scientific and have helped his clients to utilize their energy in a positive way. In 15 years of his practice in the field of astrology, he has benefited thousands of clients and many success stories to share. 

Dr. Kondekar was encouraged by his grandfather to pursue this field which he was reluctant to initially; but now when he has achieved immense expertise in the field; he owes his success to his grandfather.


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