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Some Other Services

Advanced numerology is a Vedic Science that studies the secretive side of numbers. Dr. Kondekar is an Advanced Numerology expert who is aware of time-tested numerological principles and has a knowledge of how to activate numbers to gain results in a certain situation. Numbers symbolize the synthesis of human life and from within that stem the growth and decay, ups and downs, good and bad, happiness and melancholy, of human beings. In today’s world of stress and strife, Advanced Numerology consultation can show you the path towards achievement.


Prashna Kundali or Horary Astrology as it says helps an individual to find answers to tough situations where no path to progress is seen. Sometimes a temporary frustration leaves an individual with lack of decision making power or not able to see the good or bad out of a situation; Prashna Kundali advice by Dr. Kondekar has helped his clients to see clearly through a bad phase of life and take on the life with new vigor to achieve their goals. A Vedic astrology expert, Dr Kondekar can predict the good or bad with Prashna Kundali.


As said ‘marriages are made in heaven and performed on earth’ holds true in indian culture. Dr. Kondekar is a match-making consultant who can predict how a particular individual is suitable life partner; what will be his/her effects on personal, family and social life according to vedic astrology.


Metaphysics is a scientific study of positioning metals that are present in vastu to gain desired results. Metals like iron, copper, gold, silver, brass etc possess different qualities. These qualities when directed in a way to gain positive outcomes with vastu energy bring exciting results to a person. Dr. Kondekar with his deep study has found the relation of these metals and vastu on human life and offers his expertise in metaphysics for the good of people


Mystic Science an ancient stream of science that has been renewed to match with current times and life. A doubt, a cloud, an illusion every darkness has a path that will lead to light. The five basic elements of nature when studied in a systematic way show us the interaction between a soul and the universe. Every life event is related to the universal power and Dr. Kondekar being a mystic science consultant helps his clients identify the mystic world that is closely related to an individual’s life.

Past life regression program by Dr Kondekar can answer many doubts, illusions an individual suffers. A bad dream of a memory that stays unidentified has no solution in medicine but has a higher relation with universal space that an individual has been through. Dr Kondekar’s advice on past life regression can help an individual free itself from such events


The science of telepathy is establishing a connection between two minds to produce an impact to embrace the desired result. Powerful thoughts are arranged in a way that they are transferred in an individual’s mind to develop desired consequences out of a particular situation. Dr kondekar is a Telepathy expert who offers guidance through telepathy.


Angle science or Gandharva vidya is a stream of mythology which makes us aware that Dev, Danav, Yaksha, Kinnar, Gandharva, Apsara, Munies and Manva share an inter relation with each other. Of them, Gandharvas are considered as messengers of divine almighty. By activation of angle power, one can achieve power and positivity with their blessings. Dr. Kondekar is an angle science consultant who can turn negativity into positivity.

Occult Science is a study of secret powers of universe unknown to us. With a practice of a particular methodology, a person can earn desired benefits through it. An Occult Science expert Dr. Kondekar can guide a path to prosperity with effective guidance


Hypnosis is a method of power of attraction is practiced since Vedic period and has been named as Sammohan Shastra. A Hypnosis expert Dr Kondekar can treat conditions like dyslexia, phobia, inferiority complex, dual personality syndrome, autism, anxiety, depression, slurred speech, sexual orientation, addiction, and other disorders. He can make an individual’s brain respond to given signals.


As explained in Vedas, ashtanga chakras exist in the vertebral column of the human body from top to bottom according to the energy level. When activated these chakras can bring tremendous transformation and make oneself connect itself to the universal power. Dr Kondekar with his thorough study of ashtanga chakras offers Chakra Cleansing services with mantras and meditation.

Kundalini is the inherent powers of a human being when activated can lead a man to divine supremacy. The three nadies Ida, Pingala, and Sushumna are the basic Prana of a physical body. By awakening Prana, Kundalini Chakras like Mooladhara, Swadhisthana, Manipur, Anahat, Vishuddhi, Ajanya and Sahastra can be activated. With meditation and proper guidance by Dr Kondekar a man can awaken kundalini to achieve his goals.